Friday, 23 April 2010

About FollowThat....

As well as using the 23 Things format to give an introduction to some new tools, we're eager to improve the team work of the library staff.

To do this, we think it would help to learn more about what we each do. But who's got time for work shadowing?

Instead, we thought that tracking processes would be more useful - how does a book get from the supplier to our shelves? What's involved in getting an inter-library loan from another library?
We've integrated "rest" weeks into the format, so there's an opportunity to catch up on the tasks set in 23Things, but also to learn from colleagues what their part in:
  • the processing of books,
  • the processing of journals, 
  • inter-library loan requests from our readers, and from other libraries
  • reader registration and
  • responding to complex reader enquiries
Each of these tasks is carried out by a particular combination of staff, allowing great expertise to develop. But there is also the danger of silos being created, whereby we lose sight of the impact our contribution has on the next step in the process.

Each member of staff who carries out one step in any of the processes outlined above will give a brief overview to their colleagues, and then we'll move on to the next step as we follow that book to the shelf, follow that journal to the shelf, that article request to the reader and so on.

FollowThat... was born!

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