Friday, 25 June 2010

Week 7 – Mobile technologies

This week isn't very desk based (hurrah!) - because it's all about being mobile!

Most (if not all) of the clinical students will have laptops, even if they don't bring them into the library, and they'll make use of the increasing number of free wifi/wireless networks that are available (eg in Starbucks, or McDonalds, or the Library).
Most (if not all) of our library users have mobiles, and a fair proportion will be able to access the internet from their phone.

What does this mean for how we can deliver library services?

Optional reading:

Thing 13 – Wireless access to the internet

borrow laptop and login to LIBAIR - write a blog entry from somewhere in the library other than your desk.
(remember, you may need to reset your Wolfson room login)

Extra task: optional

Borrow the laptop and go across to the hospital concourse, login to the wireless network there and write a blog entry from there - how easy was it?

Thing 14 – Mobile access to the interent

borrow the ipodTouch (or get an introduction to using it, with Isla's help), and access the internet in the library, perhaps search for your blog and see what it looks like, or other websites you use on a reugualr basis. It may take a bit of getting used to using the touch screen, but give it a go.

Blog on the experience, whether you liked using the Touch (or not) and how you think students and health professionals might use this technology.

Alternative to Thing 13 & Thing 14

For those of you who already use mobile technologies on a regular basis, your task is to talk about how you use them, and consider how they might be used in libraries and by libraries in the future. (Just a small thing I'm asking for then, eh?)

update - well done to the eagle-eyed amongst you who spotted my (ahem) deliberate mistake in the numbering of these things....


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